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Picture Book

Sofa vs. Recliner


"Why are you so mean to us, which means answering all our questions?"

"Why don't you let us help?"

"I just woke up and don't know what's going on, but you're doing it wrong!"

"Where are my shoes?"

"You don't wear shoes; none of us do."


"That's it! I can't take this crap anymore. You want this sofa so bad? You can have it!"


"I can find somewhere else to sit. There's lots of places out here. You can have it."


"Let's roll out, Spunt, prime style. Of all the stupid, stupid things! Gah!"


"Alright, the sofa is ours once again!"

"As it should have been all this time, which was five minutes ago."

"It's time to show that punk how to really sofa!"

"Sofa can verb, yay!"


"... So... can we go back to the recliner now?"

"Hmm... yeah. We've put in our time."


"Alright, the recliner! We haven't been there for nearly a minute!"

"I wonder what we've missed? I bet a lot of nothing!"


* pfffffffff *


- End

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